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Can we change the Crove app's language?

No, Crove App is only available in English currently. But the content inside the form and the document editor can be of another language. We support more than 160 languages.

Where can I find Crove's public roadmap?

You can see Crove’s Public Roadmap by clicking on this link.

What does one document credit mean?

One document credit is equal to one document generated by Crove using automation or via form submission. We also have plans that offer unlimited document credits! Currently, no other document workflow automation product in the market gives you unlimited documents. We are able to do this because we have developed our own pdf generation service for which other similar products have to pay to third-party vendors.

What is included in Crove's Free Plan?

With the free plan, you get all the basic features, i.e, creating a template, connecting templates to forms, and generating documents every time the form is filled and eSigning. In the Crove free plan, you get only 3 document credits per month.

Does Crove support non-English languages?

Yes, Crove supports non-English languages. In fact, you can create Crove templates and forms in more than 160 languages. We also support right-to-left paragraph direction which is needed for Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, etc. languages.

Do my unused document credits transfer to the next month's credit?

No, all your unused document credits get expired and with each monthly cycle, your document credit limit gets reset.

Is there any storage limit on Crove?

No, currently there is no storage limit on Crove. If in case, we plan on bringing storage limits then our users will be informed well in advance. We believe in providing the best customer experience possible, we won’t make any decisions that involve putting our users at risk.

Table of Contents

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