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Home » How to check if a PDF generated by Crove is tamper proof?

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Checking Crove’s Signature on a PDF

To make PDFs generated by Crove tamper-proof, all PDFs generated by Crove are digitally signed. In this article you will learn how to check for Crove’s digital signature.

Note – To check Crove’s digital signature, you will need to install Adobe Acrobat. This article explains it on a Windows 11 PC, however a similar approach can be followed on MacOS and Linux.

Follow the steps shown below to check if your PDF is digitally signed by Corve.

Open the PDF generated by Crove with Acrobat Reader

The above PDF is generated by Crove, but as the Crove Digital Signature Certificate is not added the prompt shows that there is a problem with at least one signature.

Installing Crove Digital Signature Certificate

Step 1: Open Preferences. You can open preferences by using CTRL + K keyboard shortcut or going to Edit -> Preferences.

Step 2: Go to Signatures Tab

Step 3: Click on the More button highlighted under Identities & Trusted Certificates

Step 4: Click on Trusted Certificates

Step 5: Download Crove Digital Signature Certificate

Click here to download Crove Digital Signature Certificate. Make sure you remember the folder in which you download the certificate.

Step 6: Click on Import

Step 7: Click on Browse, go the path where you had downloaded the certificate in Step 5 and then click Open.

Step 8: Click on the Document Seal under contacts

Step 9: Select the Digital Certificate and click Trust

Step 10: Make sure that you’ve checked all the boxes and then click OK.

Step 11: Click on Import Certificate

Step 12: Click OK on the next pop up

Congratulations you have successfully imported Crove Digital Signature Certificate

Checking if a Crove Signature is Valid

After Importing the Crove Digital Certificate, you can close the application. Now, next time when you open any PDF generated by Crove using Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will see that all the signatures are valid.

Click on Signature Panel on the right to see more information.

Congratulation you have successfully validated that your PDF generated by Crove is not tampered. All PDFs generated by Crove are digitally signed, so you know that they are tamper proof.

Table of Contents

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