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The Preview Button at the upper right corner on the Crove App is a very handy tool. Preview Button can be used both in the Form Builder and the Template Editor. You can use it to see how your document or form will look like to the end-user.

Here is how you can access Form Preview Button on Form Builder. Here I have used Offer Letter as an example template.

Access Form Preview Button on Documents Editor.

Form Preview

When you click on the Preview Button either from the Form Builder or the Template Editor, you see the Form Preview first in both the cases. Here is an example of an Offer Letter Template’s Form Preview.

Document Preview

As you can see, here the form is shown just as it would be visible to the end-user. You can enter values in all the fields and crove will insert those values in the template you created to create the document.

To see how your created document will look like when you enter the values. Click on the blue Preview button on the top right corner to see the document Preview.

This is how the Document Preview looks like for our example Offer Letter template,

As you can see all the values that I entered in the form are filled as per the template that we initially created. (Note: The values you enter are note highlighted in Document Preview, they have been highlighted only for visual representation)

Table of Contents

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