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Home » Directing Crove Forms to Custom URL after Submission

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It might happen that you want to direct a user, who submits your Crove Form, to a custom URL.

Follow this article to know how you can do this!

Firstly you have to go to the Form Builder of the template, in which you want to add the custom redirect URL. You can do so by clicking on the Go to Form Button on the top right.

Access Form Settings by clicking on the Gear Icon highlighted in the image below.

Under Form Settings, switch ON the toggle that says Redirect After Submission.

Now, simply enter the redirect URL in the box highlighted below. I have directed the user to JotForm on submission for a demonstrated purpose only, you can use any URL that you want.

Note – Switch on Also Send Data? only when you have to send data as well to the redirect URL. It is an advanced feature and you should use it only if you have proper knowledge of APIs.

Live Demo

In this demo you can see, I am directed to JotForms on submitting the form.

Table of Contents

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