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Home » Using Public Share Links to send pre-filled forms

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Did you know you could send prefilled forms on Crove? If not, then in this article I will tell you how you can send the pre-filled form links using the Public Sharing option in Crove.

For demonstration purposes, I have created this simple form that looks like this.

Now when I click on the share button and share the form link using the public URL I will see something similar.

The same form opens when I use the public share link to open the form.

Now I will change the public share URL slightly to pre-fill the form.

You can copy the public share URL as shown below.

Now at the end of this public URL, I will add texts in order to send pre-filled forms.

Notice here after the link I have used ‘&’ then the variable name (that should be pre-filled) then “=” and lastly the value that is to be pre-filled. Eg: &Day=10&Month=05&Year=2021

As you can see this form is opened pre-filled.

Some Points to note:

  • There should be no whitespace in between the characters.
  • You can add multiple variables, simply use the ‘&’ to add more space.
  • Make sure you only use the variable name and not field label in the link.

Table of Contents

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